18650 Lithium Battery Charger PCB Board Boost Step Up Module With Led

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  • The IP5306 is a multi-function power management SOC with an integrated boost converter, lithium battery charge management, and battery power indication, providing a complete power solution for mobile power.

  • The IP5306's high level of integration and versatility make it possible to use only a few external components in the application and reduce the size of the overall solution.

  • The IP5306 requires only one inductor for the buck and boost functions.

  • DC-DC converter works at 500KHz

  • The IP5306's synchronous boost system provides up to 2.4A of output current with a conversion efficiency of up to 91%. When it is unloaded, it automatically goes to sleep and the quiescent current drops to 50uA.

  • The IP5306 uses a switching charging technology to provide a maximum of 2.1A and a charge efficiency as high as 97%. The built-in IC temperature and input voltage intelligently regulate the charging current.

Product Features:

  • Dual USB output.

  • Synchronous switch charge and discharge

  • 4A Synchronous Boost Converter, 2.1A Synchronous Switch Charge

  • Boost efficiency up to 96%

  • Up to 97% charging efficiency

  • Built-in power path management, support side charge and put

  • Supports high load current line compensation

  • Charging

  • Adaptive charge current regulation, matching all adapters

  • Charge voltage accuracy: ±0.5%

  • Supports 4.20/4.30/4.35/4.40V batteries

  • Power display

  • Supports 4,3,2,1 LED display

  • Feature-rich

  • Press the boot

  • Built-in lighting driver

  • Automatically detect phone insertion and unplugging

  • Low power consumption

  • Intelligent identification of load, automatic standby

  • Standby power consumption less than 100 μA

  • BOM minimalist

  • Power MOS built-in, single inductor for charge and discharge

  • Multiple protection, high reliability

  • Output over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit protection

  • Input overvoltage, overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent discharge protection

  • Over temperature protection

  • ESD 4KV, Instant Voltage 12V