SYN6288 Speech Synthesis Module TTS Pronunciation Live

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  • Support Text, GBK, BIG5 and GB2312  and UNICODE code format;

  • Clear, natural, accurate Chinese speech synthesis effect; can  arbitrary Chinese text synthesis, support synthesis English letters;

  • Have  intelligent text analysis and processing algorithm,can correctly identify the numerical number, date, time and the

  • Common measurement symbols;

  • Strong conversion and Chinese surname processing ability;

  • Support multiple text control mark, improve the correct rate of text processing;

  • Text volume of each synthesis up to 200 bytes;

  • Support a variety of control commands, including: synthesis, stop, pause synthesis, continue synthesis,alter baudrate etc.;

  • Support for hibernation, in sleep mode power consumption can be reduced;  support a variety of ways to query chip working state;

  • Support for serial data communication interface, support the three kind of communication baud rate: 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps;

  • Support 16 grade volume adjustment;  the playback volume of text prospects and background music in the background can be separated from the control volume;

  • Can send control markup adjustment speed ,support  6 grade  words speed adjustment;

  • Chip solidified with the multi polyphonic music, sound effects And a common voice prompt tone for certain industries;

  • The internal integration of 19 sound tone, 23 Chord tone, 15 background music;

  • The final products of SSOP SMD package form;

  • The indicators of chip meet outdoor harsh environment application.