ENC28J60 Network Adapter Module for Raspberry Pi Zero

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  • For Pi ZeroThis product,Because it does not have an onboard Ethernet card,Therefore, many users feel that it is not very convenient during the process of use.,Because it cannot be usedSshRemotely connect the Raspberry Pi through the network.

  • In addition,Some users want to implement routing on the Raspberry Pi,So you may need multiple NIC support.

  • These ones,Have made the birth of this module.

  • Pi zero Enc28j60The module is a simple network adapter module for the Raspberry Pi,It is very easy to assemble and configure,

  • It can make raspberry pieZeroAccess the network through the network cable,Called a small host, after networking,System updates and software installation operations and remote management operations are very easy.


  • Raspberry Pi 3B Plus √

  • Raspberry pie zero    √

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W √

  • Raspberry Pi 3B         √

  • Raspberry Pi 2B         √


  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to install

  • Official operating system coverage support

  • Stable and fast

  • Weight:0.015Kg

  • Size:65.14mm x 29.93mm x 23.34mm