Raspberry Pi HIFI DiGi Digital Sound Card I2S SPDIF expansion board Digital Chip for Raspberry Pi 2/B+/A+

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  • Reductive degree is high, supporting hardware method of controlling volume, and the user can cooperate audio player system to set up their own network HIFI player after using the expansion board. 

  • It's convenient that this expansion board also provide two output interface fiber (S/PDIF) and coaxial (RCA) for external device. User can get rid of the PC power, boot off slowly, the power supply noise and so on. 

  • It provides power indicator light for you to observe the expansion board status easier. 

  • It also support in hardware volume control (I2C interface).

  • It supply with Raspberry Pi power supply, no external power supply; and the use of ??-type filter power supply design, effectively reduce the interference of the power supply. 

  • PCB board with gold plating on the tall, curved traces (high-end HIFI DAC is using curved alignment). 

  • It is to better ensure the continuity of the impedance signal to reduce signal reflections and refractions. 

  • When there is no network, it is easier to control playback. 

  • I2S interface are using direct digital output, reproduction and high non-USB interface DAC mode. 

  • Do not use other extensions Raspberry Pi GPIO.