1 Channel Relay Module DC 30A 250V with Optocoupler Isolation Support High-level Triggered

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  • Relay version: 24V.

  • Quiescent Current: 5mA.

  • Maximum current: 50mA.

  • Trigger current: 2 ~ 4mA.

  • Trigger voltage (high level): 8.5 ~ 24V.

  • Maximum load: AC 250V / 30A, DC 30V / 30A.

  • Module size: 50mm * 33mm * 24mm (L * W * H).

  • Product Weight: 36g.

  • There are four mounting bolts holes, hole 3.1mm, spacing 44.5mm * 27.5mm.

  • Module Interface Description:

  • DC +: positive module DC power supply (positive terminal voltage trigger)

  • DC-: DC power supply module negative electrode (anode terminal voltage trigger)

  • IN: Signal triggering end (default trigger the same voltage as power supply)

  • JD +: positive voltage relay control terminal

  • JD-: relay control terminal voltage of the negative

  • DC + and JD + with jumpered, DC- and JD- with jumpered, the same trigger terminal and relay control terminal voltage

  • High and low trigger mode selection, when the jumper is connected to L side, IN terminal is low trigger connection with the H for the high end trigger

  • Normally closed terminal (NC): relay normally closed terminal

  • Common terminal (COM): relay common

  • Normally open (NO): normally open relay