5V-30V Wide Voltage Trigger Delay Relay Module Time delay switch

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  • Working voltage: wide voltage 5--30V arbitrary voltage, MicroUSB and welding terminals, two kinds of power supply interface

  • The working mode: after the module is powered, the output state of the module is as follows: NO (open) and public terminal (COM), and NC is connected with the public terminal (COM).

  • In the external contact (TRIG) to start a low pulse signal, or touch the trigger button instantly, the relay and the indicator light, the relay output state is normally open (NO) and the common end (COM) conduction, normally closed (NC) and the common end (COM) fault open, after 0-24 seconds (this time can be adjusted according to your needs) minutes after the relay is switched off, the relay back to the state before the trigger.

  • Time can be adjusted by the potentiometer, and the default is 0-24 seconds. If it takes longer, a larger capacitor (C2) or a potentiometer can be replaced by itself. The time delay formula: T = 1.1RC. For example, the capacitance 22uF resistance 1M is T=1.1*0.000022*1000000=24.2 seconds.

  • Has a relay to absorb the indicator light.

  • Modules can be controlled: 10A 250VAC (AC), 10A 30VDC (DC)

  • The following load.

  • Has relay continuous flow protection.

  • The signal end of the 7. module is designed to pull up and filter the circuit. It has strong anti-interference ability and is suitable for industrial control. Many manufacturers have added optocoupler to isolate, but the module and the trigger signal are not isolated, and can not resist the anti-interference effect. After testing, it is found that the stability of the trigger terminal can be improved to resist interference. Whether the module is in the electromagnetic interference environment or the module is cut off, the relay will not cause any malfunction.

  • Size: 5.4*1.9*1.8cm (long * width * height)