2pcs KY-033 One Channel 3 pin Tracking Path Tracing Module / Intelligent Vehicle Probe Infrared Detection Sensor

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  • The detection distance, testing the whitepaper is about 2 cm. Depending different color different distance away whiter. 

  • Supply voltage:2.5 V ~ 12 V, no more than 12 V. (Note:Use the power supply low voltage, supply voltage is too high sensor life will become short 5 v source is preferred power.) 

  • Working current, 5 v 18-20mA. After many tests, sensor hardware set to the current working eighteen twenty ma best performance, manifested mainly in the anti capacity - interference. If you require small power consumption, we can modify, least they can do 5 mA. Take a message may be indicated. 

  • The detected objects, final output signal of low level;Has not been detected objects,the final output signal high level. 

  • Level TTL sensor output,can work directly with the microcontroller IO port 3.3 V or 5 V connected.