DSO188 1MHz Analog Bandwidth 5MS Sampling Rate Mini Digital Oscilloscope

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FNIRSI DSO188 is a super small digital oscilloscope with 5MS/s sampling rate and 1MHz bandwidth is designed for electronic enthusiasts and circuit R & D maintenance personnel. 1MHz bandwidth can be used for an amplifier, oscillator, automatic control system, DC/DC, inverter, switching power supply and so on. Whether DIY or scientific research education, vehicle maintenance, household appliances maintenance and so on are all good choices.


  • Memory compression technology, waveform refresh screen does not flicker

  • 1.8-inch color display screen

  • High measurement voltage range, 1X can measure 0 ~ 40 V, 10X can measure 40 ~ 800V

  • Frequency can be displayed, Vmax, Vmin, Duty, Vrms, Vpp

  • At any time, the waveform display (pause function) is frozen

  • Battery/USB power supply, built-in 250mAh battery and intelligent charge management

  • Ultra small volume, easy to carry


  • Analog band width: 1MHz

  • Maximum sampling rate: 5MS/s

  • Vertical sensitivity: 50 mV/div ~ 200 V/div

  • Horizontal time base range: 100mS/div ~ 2uS/div

  • Maximum input voltage: 40 V (1X probe), 800 V (10X probe)

  • Storage depth: 40KB

  • Input resistance: 1M

  • ADC precision: 12bits

  • Coupling mode: AC/DC

  • Trigger mode: Auto

  • Trigger edge: Ascending/descending edge

  • External trigger voltage 0 – 40 V

  • Display: TFT color display

  • Power supply: 250 mAh lithium battery

  • Size: 57 x 34 x 11 mm 

Package includes:

  • 1 x FNIRSI DSO188 oscilloscope host

  • 1 x   Oscilloscope probe  

  • 1 x BNC turn MCX switch head

  • 1 x Micro USB data line

  • 1 x User manual (English)