Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Audio Module Control Chip CSR8635 Stereo Bluetooth

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2. product brief:

BT835 is based on a Bluetooth module CSR BC8 chip BC8635, it integrates almost all Bluetooth peripheral components, and optimize RF and audio performance module, provides an easy to use solution for Bluetooth product design. Applications are mainly located in the Bluetooth stereo speakers, such as Bluetooth, Bluetooth Car Kit, Bluetooth Headset etc..

3, characteristics:

- a high degree of integration, high performance, low power consumption

- support A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP protocol framework

- meet the Bluetooth v4.0 specification

- high replacement of high, fully compatible with the Bluetooth Module Division I other Bluetooth chip, no need to change the design of a direct replacement

- 3/5 a key input (switch / pairing / answer / hang up, play / pause, volume +, volume, the song, the next song)

- using the built-in DSP chip can achieve echo cancellation, environmental noise elimination, sound and other functions of EQ regulation

- module with antenna, good consistency with RF distance


- the USB sound card function

- AUX-IN input switching function

3 applications

- stereo Bluetooth Headset

Body - stereo Bluetooth speaker

- the Bluetooth hands-free

Need module data, with reference to the application, development tools, please contact the owner.

This module shipments to write the default software, the software function is described as follows, if there are other special requirements, please contact the owner.

8635 software description:

  • 1 buttons: 6 buttons, MFB, PLAY, VOL+, VOL-, PREV, NEXT. Key functions as follows;

  • MFB: boot, shutdown state long press 1S

  • Shutdown, boot state long press 3S shutdown

  • Enter pairing mode, shutdown mode press 5S. (after the boot does not let go)

  • Function: Click to answer phone calls, long press to reject; call click hang, long press toggle mobile phone and Bluetooth; double click the redial.

  • PLAY: play / pause

  • VOL+: volume plus

  • VOL-: the volume reduction

  • PREV: the last song

  • NEXT: the next song

LED: boot blue long bright light 1S, shut down a long red light 1S standby blue light 5S flash once, the connection state blue light 2S flash once, pairing state, red and blue flashing alternately, charging red light, full of brilliant blue lamp.

USB card function

  • AUX-IN switching function

  • 3.4V 3.0V low battery alarm, automatic shutdown

  • The maximum charge current is set to 200MA

  • 5 minutes without connecting the automatic shutdown

  • IPHONE power display

Buyers please note:

  • This module is semi-finished module, you need to configure the external circuit to use, see the link below the reference circuit

  • Audio output module for differential output, can not be directly connected with an amplifier, circuit needs into non differential signal, of course if amplifier support can be directly connected with an amplifier IC.

  • The module of the software has two kinds, one kind is the key to boot, suitable for battery powered occasions; one is electrically powered, adapted to the ordinary power supply occasions to use the kind of software, please note.

  • The module requires a knowledge of iron welding technology and electronic technique, if does not have this condition, is likely to be a good module to your hand will become a waste, please take caution.

  • A voltage of IO the highest resistance to 1.8V module only, more than 1.8V burning module may, please note.

  • Bluetooth module are very sensitive to static and electric leakage, please use the constant temperature soldering iron.

Package includes:

  • 1PCS Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Audio Module Control Chip CSR8635 Stereo Bluetooth Module