0-260V Smart-Fit Voltage Test Backlight Tester Tool for LED LCD TV Laptop

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  • Preconditioned open circuit voltage without manual maintenance (20-VDC). When tested, the smart one fully adapts to the voltage of the LED light source, and it is not necessary to adjust it!

  • When the output voltage is preset to 20 V or less, using a 1mA gear current to test a variety of IC supply voltage parameters, to see if the IC good or bad. when it tastes the single lamp, it never burns the lamp.

  • The maximum short-circuit current limit (20-150mA) can be adjusted manually, and the current is fully automatic.

  • No matter if high voltage or low voltage, the lamp bar can be ultra bright safely.

  • Especially when a precision wide voltage of 1mA (0-330V) is added Constant current source output, you can develop various ingenious applications. Such as diode, voltage regulator, triode, MOS tube and other positive and inverse voltages,

  • And capacitance under330V sensitive voltage suppressor suppression of diode transients and other voltages or breakdown voltages!

  • Test the constant current board, it only has one set of lights If the TV, you can directly test the good or bad of the constant current board, to make sure the problem is the backlight or the current board constant.


  • Input voltage: 85-265 V

  • Output voltage: 0-320 V

  • Precision voltmeter: <(± 0.5 ± 1% VOUt) V

  • IOut: 0-150mA (automatic + adjustable)

  • Constant current plate test current: 0-999mA

  • Accuracy of the ammeter: <(± 2 ± 1% IFuera) MA

  • PDe input: 50VA (max.)

  • Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃

Package Include:

  • 1 * LED light tester

  • 1 * Power cable

  • 1 * User's manual

  • 2 * probe