DP30V5A-L Constant Current Power Supply Module Voltage Regulator

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  • Input voltage range:  6-40.00V           

  • Output voltage range:  0V-32.00V

  • Output current: 0-5.100A

  • Output power range: 0-160W   

  • Product Dimension: 85*58*26(mm) (L*W*H)

  • Output voltage resolution: 0.01V

  • Output current resolution: 0.001A

  • Output Voltage accuracy: ± (0.5% + 1 digits)

  • Output Current accuracy: ± (1% + 3 digits)

  • Ripple Wave (full load 40v to 32V/5A): about 100 mV VPP

Operating instructions:

  • Open or close output: press ON/OFF button one time to open or close output in any state; press again, output will be closed or open, followed by recycling. When closed output, the LED display will show "OFF".2

  •  Set output voltage and current: Press SET shortly, the led display will be blinking. You can press the two buttons (+ key and - key) on the tube left to increase or decrease the value. Press SET key shortly again to switch 0.01V to 0.1V to 1V to 0.01A to 0.1A to 1A to exist adjustment, followed by recycling. At the corresponding value place, you can press the two buttons (+ key and - key) to increase or decrease the value. if you don't press the set key, the set mode will be automatically exited after 6s and the current set value will be automatically stored.

  • Switch input and output display: At no output state, press the two buttons on the tube left (IN key and OUT key) to switch the tube display between the current input voltage and the current output voltage. When show input voltage, "IN" LED lights; when show output voltage, "OUT" LED lights. 4.

  • CC and CV indication: When the module is in the state of constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC), the CC or CV led will lights correspond to show CV or CC state.

  • Output current zero calibration: In the no-load state, Keep pressing SET key to power on, when the led display flashed, the calibration is done. Then you can loosen the SET key.

  • Store set value automatically: in operation process, the led display state, output current and output voltage setting value and output state are automatically stored. When power on next time, the default work state is the stored state