DC-DC Converter 100W 12V to 20V Step Up Power Supply Module QS-1220-100W

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    Brand: QSKJ

    Model:   QS-1220-100W


    • Module Properties: Non-isolated step-up module(BOOST)

    • Input Voltage:9-16V

    • Output Voltage:10-32V(adjustable)  

    • Output Power: Natural cooling 100W (MAX), 120W(<1 minute)

    • Conversion efficiency:95%(input 16V output 19V 2.5A test,for reference only)

    • Switch frequency:100KHz

    • Output Ripple:25mV(MAX)

    • Bandwidth:20M

    • Operating Temperature: Industrial (-40° C  to +85° C ) (85° C  output power within 40W)

    • Full load temperature rise: 40° C

    • No-load current: 20mA typical

    • The Current after turn off: 1mA typical(if not calculate LED power,current is 0A)

    • Load regulation:±0.5%

    • Voltage regulation: ±0.5%

    • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS

    • Short circuit protection:Yes.Can auto turn off.(after output short circuit,please make sure that the output is not short circuit before turn on),The short circuit protection is a remedy measure for wrong operation, Please do not deliberately short-circuited.

    • Input voltage over warning: When input voltage over than 16.5V,red LED is light.(input voltage can not higher than 18V)

    • Input Reverse Polarity Protection: wrong input voltage connection red LED will turn light,right input connection the blue LED is light.

    • Switching method: remark "ON" is turn on, the other one is turn off.(when output no-load shutdown,please press turn off key until blue LED is turn off light,it is a few seconds)

    • Wiring:No welding, with connection ports.

    • Size:65(L)*35(W)*23.5(H) mm


    • DIY an output adjustable vehicle power supply,connect the 12V input, and output could be 10-32V(adjustable by yourself), However, the output voltage can not be less than the input voltage.

    • DIY a Car laptop power supply.connected to 12V power supply, adjust the output voltage to the value that your notebook need.

    • Boost charger. You can use the 12V power supply to charge battery higher than 12V, for example, 24V battery.

    • Power supply for your electronic equipment.