PCF8591 12C AD/DA Converter Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi

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  • This is a PCF8591 based board, designed to allow the conversion between analog and digital. The module features 4 analogue inputs and one analog output with an I2C output interface. This allows you to interface with all manner of sensors and record an 8 bit output for use in your project.

  • The board features an integrated thermistor, photoresistor and potentiometer. These can be selected through the use of the onboard jumpers and their respective readings output through the module.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the modules operation.


  • Length: 35mm

  • Width: 23mm

  • Height: 12mm

  • Main Color: Blue

  • Country of Manufacture: China

  • UPC: Does Not Apply

  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°C

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 85°C

  • Parts list: 1 3pin 20cm F-F Jumper wire

  • Pin Pitch: 2.54mm

  • Mounting Hole Size: M3

  • Mounting Dimensions: 31/18mm

  • Format: 12C

  • Chipset MPN: PCF8591

  • Input channels: 4

  • Convertor Type: ADC

  • Precision: 8bit

  • Output Type: 8bit Digital Analog

  • Voltage Detection Minimum: 0V

  • Voltage Detection Maximum: 5V

  • Noted Onboard Components: Thermistor; Photoresistor; Potentiometer Interface description:

Pin Description

  • AOUT: Analog output

  • AIN0: Analog input 0

  • AIN1: Analog input 1

  • AIN2: Analog input 2

  • AIN3: Analog input 3

  • SCL: I2C Clock

  • SDA: I2C Data

  • GND: 0V