3.7V 4-9A Li-ion Lithium Battery BMS 18650 Charger Overcharge Overdischarge Protection Board With Soldered Nickel Belt


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Technical Parameters for 1 Series Battery protection Board:

  • Overcharge detection voltage: 4.2±0.05V

  • Overcharge recovery voltage: 4.1±0.05V

  • Over-discharge detection voltage: 2.3±0.05V

  • Over-discharge recovery voltage: 3.0±0.05V

  • Normal discharge current: 4A-9A

  • Short circuit protection time: ≤50us

  • Normal working consumption current: ≤6uA

  • Standby current consumption: ≤0.6uA

  • Working resistance: ≤50mΩ

  • Size: 45mm*10mm*0.8


  • 1. Before installing the protection board, the batteries must be matched (the voltage difference of each battery should not be less than 0.05V, the internal resistance difference should not be greater than 5mQ, and the capacity difference should be less than 30mAh). The smaller the battery voltage difference, the better the performance of the protection board.

  • 2. The batteries are connected in parallel and then connected in series, and the soldering is correct (18650 batteries are spot welded with nickel, and other batteries are soldered with solder). Do not use screws to easily burn out the protection board IC.

  • 3. If it is an old battery replacement board, please note: Confirm whether the battery is normal before purchasing?

  • 4. When installing, use a multimeter to check whether each string of battery voltage is the same? The performance faults with a difference of more than 1.0V are: not far away, power off at the beginning, short charging time, basically more battery problems. The failure of the protection board is as follows: can not be recharged.