3D Printer Parts Ramps 1.6 Board Upgrade Base on Ramps 1.4 1.5 Control Board for Reprap Mendel


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  • Ramps 1.6 is optimized and launched based on Ramps 1.4 & Ramps 1.5 By Biqu 

  • The Struture almost same as Ramps 1.5 , the difference is Ramps 1.6 have new 2pin connectors,which more simple and convenient to connect,also will not be burnt easily,what's more ,Ramps 1.6 have a good Heatsink above MOS tube in order to give a better function to heat dissipation .

  • Beside, the Power of Ramps 1.6 is more larger than Ramps 1.5, the largest power will be up to or 270W , and  Ramps 1.5 just can be up to 200W, or samller than 200W.