DC-DC (0.9V-5V) Boost Converter Step Up Module


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  • This module uses high-performance imported chip, the performance is better than the general module. 

  • Input 0.9V ~ 5V any DC voltage, can be stable output 5V DC voltage, with a single AA battery can output up to 200 ~ 300MA current, two AA batteries can output 500 ~ 600MA current, can Power your phone, camera, microcontroller and digital products 

  • Industrial temperature range: -40 ° --- +85 ° 

  • High conversion efficiency, up to 96% 

  • With USB female base, widely used 

  • Ultra-small size (PCB board 35mm * 16mm), with a variety of small equipment installed 

  • With work light 


  • DIY mobile power: when you travel or travel always feel that your phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP is not enough electricity, and you have extra battery, you can consider their own DIY a mobile power; This module with your [a lithium or 2-3 Ni-MH] can output 5V voltage for your mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP charge, very simple and convenient Oh. 

  • Adjust the voltage: If you need a different voltage in the product design power supply, the device needs 5V power supply, that use our module will be your best choice. 

  • Power supply: When your power supply is very unstable, when the high and low, but when your device needs 5V power supply, that use our module will be your best choice. 

  • Does this power module have short circuit protection? I used to accidentally enter the short circuit will burn it? 

A: No short circuit protection, if you need short circuit protection, please install the fuse in series at the input.