2023 Website Upgrade - Announcement and Details!


We're excited to announce our latest website upgrade! We listened, and have been working super hard to make the website faster, clearner, more informative and easier to use! It has been months of work, and we have more to come too...

But first, a thank-you so much for your continued support and encouragement, for your feedback and suggestions in our surveys and for your kind and generous personal emails letting us know how much you love our products. It really inspires us!

Due to system and cost issue, all products in old websites are migrated. But all order history and customer information were not migrated. All former customer need register again to place new orders. For history order information, you can still reach them on https://archive.satisled.com.

To celebrate the upgrade and sorry for the inconvenience, we offer 10% discount for all orders before 31st Dec, 2023. You have nothing to do and the discount will applied automatically after you add to cart.

Below I outline the updates to the website.

1. Much faster in page loading

The loading speed of eCommerce pages is 5 times faster than before. The last upgrade back in year 2019 was a total failure and cause many complaints. We did some efforts to improve the speed but gain little due to the overall bad infrastructure. After 3 years of struggling, we decide to upgrade it again. And this time, you will not be disappointed!

2. Much richer in products catalog.

As a result of last unsuccessful upgrade, we were not positive with the shop catalog and paid more attention to our domestic market. But now, we are armed with the best ecommerce system with fast response and diversity tools to make the store professional. We are uploading much more products to the catalog to be the most professional LED lights store.

3Better Search and Security

After the new upgrade, our website is more secured. With the latest website infrastructure, the search engine is more intelligent.

And a lot more new features coming soon...

Please give us some time to make the shop more finished. Any bug or feedback report is appreciated...

Frank Miao October 8, 2023
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