DC12-24V Frequency Adjustable RF 433mHz Remote Dimmer, 300hz 500hz 700hz 1khz 5khz 10khz 30A

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    Frequency adjustable wireless dimmer can achieve ten-level dimming, can dim with button and wireless remote control. User can adjust light to the appropriate brightness according to actual needs. Output of dimmer is 1 channel, and you can adjust PWM frequency and dimming curve through the dial switch. 
    with code match function, 1 controller can be remote cotrolled by 2 remote controller max.
              Technical Parameters
              Working temperature: -20-60℃
              Supply voltage: DC12-24V
              Output: 1 channel
              Connection mode: common anode
              External dimension: L81.5ΧW64ΧH40 mm
              Packing size: L90ΧW72ΧH50 mm
              Net weight: 140g
              Gross weight: 195g
              Static power consumption:<1W
              Output current: <30A
              (when PWM frequency is more than 1KHZ, maximum output current will reduce accordingly)
              Power supply for remote control: 12V
              Transmission frequency: 433.92 Mhz
              Remote control distance: about 20m
              Emission current: 30mA
              When PWM frequency is 300HZ, and maximum load is 30A,
              When PWM frequency is more than 1KHZ, the maximum output power is reduced. 
              PWM frequency is 3KHZ, the maximum current is 20A;
              PWM frequency is 5KHZ,the maximum current is 15A;
              PWM frequency is 10KHZ, the maximum current is 10A.

              Using Help
              1: Power input:V-; 
              2: Power input:V+;   
              3: Load output:V+;   
              4: Load output:V-;
              5: Red light is power indicator;   
              6: Green light is output indicator;
                1: DIP switch for selecting PWM frequency: 1-3, the PWM frequency is 300 hz
                2: DIP switch for selecting dimming curve: 4-5, Curve to 1 (linear)
              1.brightness+, brightness increases one level each pressing.
              2.brightness-, brightness reduces one level each pressing.
              3.ON/OFF key, short press to turn on/off light ;
               Matching code key: long press this key to match code within 3s after powering on.


              Select PWM frequency:

              can output frequency 00HZ/500HZ/700HZ/1KHZ/3KHZ/5KHZ/10KHZ, the output frequency depends on DIP mode, (when dial is 011, output is10KHZ); as below:


              Select dimming curve:


              Controller Button Introduction
                    Long press the button (about 3s) to turn on/off light.
                    Short press to dim, brightness increases each pressing, total 10 levels. When reach the maximum 
              brightness, press the button again to increase from the lowest brightness.
              Remote control matching code description
              Long press ON/OFF key of remote control to match code within 3s after powering on. The light will flash 5 times to indicate matching code successfully. One dimmer can be controlled by 2 remote controls.