DC12V-24V 10A 86-Style Wall Mounted Rotary Panel LED Dimmer for LED Strip Light Lamp

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  • Standard 86-style socket, easy to install.

  • Infinite knob style dimming, easy to operate.

  • Real 0~100% brightness adjust, 4096 scale levels.

  • Comfort to human eye visual  characteristic.

  • Lamplight soft and stable, without flickers, welcome to compare.

  • Automatically adapt to 12-24V working voltage.

  • Can be equipped with power repeater to expand power.

  • Power loss memory function.

Product parameter:

  • Input power: DC12V~DC24V

  • Output signal: Constant voltage PWM

  • Max load current: 10A

  • Output power: 120W/240W(12V/24V)

  • Dimming range: 0-100%

  • Grey step: 4096 levels

  • Switch size: L87×W87(mm)

  • Package size: L96×W91×H61(mm)

  • Gross weight: 150g

Conjuncton Diagram:

321-10A 1_321-10A 2

Operating instructions:

321-10A 3_

Safety Warnings:

Please don’t install this controller in lightening, intense magnetic and high-voltage fields.

  • To reduce the risk of component damage and fire caused by short circuit, make sure correct connection

  • Always be sure to mount this unit in an area that will allow proper ventilation to ensure a fitting temperature.

  • Check if the voltage and power adapter suit the controller (please select DC12-24V power supply with constant voltage)

  • Don’t connect cables with power on; make sure a correct connection and no short circuit checked with instrument before power on.

  • Please don’t open controller cover and operate if problems occur.