High Voltage AC90-240V 3 Channel LED DMX Output 0-10V Dimmer

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    DMX 0-10V dimmer adopt industrial grade advanced computer control chip, the shell adopt guide rail type, suitable for industrial environment; Increase 3 channel relay power supply output, as 3 channel 0-10V power supply input, the dimming effect is better. Used to control the lamps and lanterns which connect with 0-10V power supply, have convenient wiring, easy to use such advantages; According to customer's actual demand can realize the dimming function.


    Supply voltage





    3 channels

    Standby power consumption


    0-10V output current

    <15mA(each channel)

    Relay maximum output power

    <200W(each channel)

    External dimension

    L87 * W71.7 * H53.7 mm

    Package size

    L110 * W80 * H65 mm

    Net weight & Gross weight

    155g &210g

    External dimension:

    Interface instruction:

    0-10V OUTPUT: 3 channel 0-10V dimming signal output interface, each channel maximum current is15mA.

    RELAY OUTPUT: 3 channel relay output interface, output voltage range is 90-240VAC, as power supply input of 0-10V dimming power supply.

    DMXIN: DMX signal input interface.

    DMXOUT: DMX signal output interface.

    POWER: Power supply input interface, input voltage range is 90-240VAC.

    Typical Application: