30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100/110/120/130/140/150cm Power LED Aluminum Heatsink Groove Cast Reflector


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  • Heatsink & Reflector Double function

  • Wide area heat sink

  • Easy Installation

  • Oxidized Polished Surface with beam reflectable function

  • Beautiful for DIY lights

  • First Choice for DIY LED Aquarium Light and other LED lights

  • Price is for heatsink reflector only.

 Without addtional fans, the heatsinks are appliable as bellow:

30cm5pcs 3W LED or 10pcs 1W
50cm6pcs 3W LED or 16pcs 1W
60cm7pcs 3W LED or 20pcs 1W
70cm8pcs 3W LED or 22pcs 1W
80cm9pcs 3W LED or 26pcs 1W
90cm10pcs 3W LED or 30pcs 1W
100cm12pcs 3W LED or 33pcs 1W
120cm15pcs 3W LED or 40pcs 1W