AC100-240V Meteor Shower Rain Tubes Christmas Lamps Wedding /Party /Garden /Christmas String Light


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  • Very attractive high attention getting LED Holiday lights.

  • Higher energy efficiency, durability and increased safety.

  • Low power consumption, energy savingProvide an elegant sparkling glow that can be seen from any angle 

  • Great for Home or Architectural Decor, tree decorations in parks and along streets, rivers, and general nighttime decorative lighting in both urban and suburban locations

  • Enhances all indoor and outdoor settings such as homes, landscaping, gardens, hotels, shopping malls, community centers and other environments with decorative LED lighting

  • Waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistant


  • LED light color: White/blue/RGBY

  • Tube Quantity : 8 tubes/set

  • Tube Diameter : 1.2cm

  • Plug type : EU/US Optional

  • Total length : About 160cm-400cm

  • Working Voltage: 100-240V

  • Outpute Voltage: 5V

Tube length: 20cm 

  • LED bulbs of per tube:12leds 

  • Number of LED bulbs : 96leds 

  • Power: 4W 

  • Weight: 187g 

  • Color box size: 23.5x8x5cm 

Tube length: 30cm

  • LED bulbs of per tube: 18leds 

  • Number of LED bulbs : 144leds 

  • Power: 6.4W 

  • Weight: 235g 

  • Color box size: 39.5x7.5x4cm 

Tube length: 50cm

  • LED bulbs of per tube: 30leds

  • Number of LED bulbs : 240leds

  • Power: 9.6W

  • Weight: 329g

  • Color box size: 60.5x6.5x4cm 


  • The light of every bulb turns on and out one by one in sequence and quickly just like meteor shower with Romantic Aesthetic, snow fall, can be connected one by one(as much as 3 light strings)

  • Light up your yard,home in a stunning way with this beautiful lights,makes them a romantic and fairy world

  • Perfect for Christmas, New Year, Wedding, Birthday Party, Valentine's Day, Business Celebration and any celebrating time, market engineering lighting, architectural decoration, decoration of trees along streets, parks, river, urban night lighting, attractions landscaping, gardening, community night crystal decoration, hotels, shopping malls, night entertainment all over the environment decoration.


1 sets 20cm led meteor light(8 tubes) or 5 sets 30cm led meteor light(8 tubes) or 5 sets 50cm led meteor light(8 tubes)

Specifications for AC100-240V Meteor Shower Rain Tubes Christmas Lamps Wedding /Party /Garden /Christmas String Light

Length 20 CM or 30 CM or 50 CM