DC 12V 5050 SMD Flexible LED Strip 60LEDs/m Plant Grow Lights Red Blue 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, for Greenhouse Hydroponic Plant Growing


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    • Wavelength type of rich, coinciding with plant photosynthesis and optical spectral range morphogenesis anastomosis 

    • Width: width half- wave spectrum can be combined as needed to obtain pure monochromatic light and the composite spectrum 

    • Can focus on a specific wavelength of light is irradiated balanced crop 

    • Not only can regulate flowering and seed crops, but also to control plant height and plant nutrients 

    • System less heat, small footprint, can be combined for multilayer cultivation stereo system to achieve the low heat load and production space miniaturization 

    • High luminous efficiency: 90% emitted light can be absorbed by plants , and traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps , and only 8-10 % of the luminous efficiency 

    • Light decay is very small, life of up to 50,000 hours 


    • Size: W1cm x T0.25cm

    • Emitting Color: Red+Blue

    • Red:Blue =   4:1 or 5:1 available  

    • Length: 5M/Roll

    • Waterproof: IP67 or IP65 or IP20(Non-waterproof)

    • Working Voltage: 12V DC

    • LED Quantity: 60leds/m

    • Viewing Angle : 120°

    • Wattage: 10W/meter

    • Wavelength: Red 625-660nm; Blue: 450-465nm

    • PCB width: 10mm

    • PCB color: White PCB


    • Plant tissue culture, vegetable cultivation, horticulture and industrial seedling and aerospace ecological life support systems.

    • Plant growth light environment is an important and indispensable factor in the physical environment , through the light quality regulation, control plant morphogenesis is an important area of cultivation techniques .

    • According to plant photosynthesis need light, we will plant lights are basically made of a combination of red and blue, all blue, all red in three forms, covering the wavelength range required for photosynthesis .

    • The visual effect, a combination of red and blue lightpink color plant.

    • Red light promote plant production germination , flowering

    • Blu-ray can enhance the chloroplasts of activities to promote plant photosynthesis