DC12-24V DMX512/1990 Standard RGB/RGBW PWM Dimmable LCD Display Decoder


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Product Description

This DMX decoder adopts advanced computer control chip,can receive the international DMX - 512 standard digital control signals and converted into PWM controller signal to drive the LED.It can be controlled by the DMX Console,and can connected with numbers of DMX Decoder to increase the output power to realize all kinds of changing mode.Besides, this DMX decoder can be used as the synchronous controller to controlled the LED alone,it can realize the synchronous effects.This decoder adopt the digital tube to show the address code,and with 3 buttons to setting,make it more easy to used.

Technical Parameters

● Working temperature: -20-60 ℃

● Supply voltage: DC12~24V 

● Output: 3 channels

● External dimension: L177×W42×H33mm

● Packing size: L180×W95×H60(mm)

● Net weight: 201g

● Gross weight: 245g

● Static power consumption: <1W

● Output current: each channel 4A

● Output power: 3CH--12V:<144W, 24V:<288W; 


Connection description:

DMX Input/output interface:RJ45 Port

Direction for use:

● Digital display specification:

Adopt the 4 numbers digital tube, and with three button to setting the address code.Each Decoder occupy 4 address code.The first number on the digital tube is to show the Function symbol,it have A,H,or S letter optional, and the last three number is to show the arabic date from 001-512.


When the fist letter shown “A”,Its on the DMX512 State,means that this decoder is under the DMX512 Signal control state, at this time connect the decoder to the DMX console with network cable, it can be controlled by the DMX console.if the digital tube shown “A001”,means that the first of the address code is 001,and the other three channels are Corresponding to 002,003,004. If connected this decoder with the other decoder,then the other decoder’s first address code is 005,and the others 3 channels of it is 006,007,008.It can be connected with numbers of decoder,and can be controlled alone.

If two or several decoder’s address code are the same , means that these same address code decoder are changing in the same effect, and they can be realize synchronous controlled effect.

1)When the fist letter shown “H”,it will be in the built-in mode function,means that this decoder will be working in the built-in program.the build-in models are as below:

Show symbols

Seven color fade(speed adjustable)

2)When the first letter shown “S”,it will be in the built-in speed setting state function, at this state just the H-08 and the H-09 are valid,press the SET button lightly to enter the speed adjustable state,then press the button +/- can be realize the 11 level speed option. Others functions are no effective.

●  Key function specification:

 There are three buttons (Button 1: SET ,Button 2:- Button 3:+)on the decoder,the function of them are as below:

● Button SET:Mode switch key,press this key last for about 2 seconds,can be switch from function A to function H (function H to function A),press SET Button lightly can be switch from function H to function S(function S to function H) 

● Button +: increase button,the last three number of the digital tube will be increase one when press the + key each time.If want to make the address code increase rapidly,just simply need to press this key last for some time.(Remarks :the max address code is 512,if it appear 512 and still press + key, it will be return back to 001) ;

●Button - :decrease button,he last three number of the digital tube will be decrease one when press the - key each time.If want to make the address code decrease rapidly,just simply need to press this key last for some time.