DC8-30V Human Body Induction Switch Time Delay Sensor for LED Strips


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    DC8-30V Human Body Induction Switch Time Delay Sensor for LED Strips


    The human induction power switch is an infrared detection controller, adopt infrared detection mode to control the load of the switch. When people come near to its detection range, it can feel their motion sensor and power on. It can also delay time to power off after people go away from its detection distance. 


    Supply voltage


    Working temperature


    Static current


    Output current


    Induction angle


    Induction distance


    Product dimension


    Time delay range

    15s-5m, delay time adjustable

    Connection way

    can be customized


    1.Influence control: Light Infrared PIR
    2.Two light mode:all day/at night(Auto switching on when detecting people coming
    3.Super energy saving, super sensitivity within 5 meter distance.
    4.Built in light sensor which can identity day and night by itself,
    5.Sensor sensitivity distance: ≥5m
    6.Sensor sensitivity angle: 140°
    7.Load current:6A,Max 60W
    8.Working voltage:DC 5V-30V, input voltage=output voltage,DC hole input is inside positive and outside negative
    9.Delay time: If people leave, light will delay 15s-300s(Adjustable) to turn off
    10.Suitable for use in homes, wardrobes, kitchens, stairs, camping tents, outdoor or anywhere if you like or anyplaces which need light.
    11.Size:55mm x 43mm x 15mm/2.15’’ x 1.68’’ x 0.59’’(approx)
    12.Screw hole diameter 3mm(approx)