DIMFree-W8 8 Channel LED Sunrise/Sunset Programmable Time Dimmer Controller Board


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    DIMFree-W8 8 channel output with 8 PWM independent signal. 

    The module includes:

    l  1 Wifi Dimmer module with 8 channels PWM signal output

    l  1 Fan Power module (Multi fans in parallel is supported 12V, 24Watt at max)

    l  1 OLED display(optional when adding to cart. The oLED will not be sent if you not add it to cart)

    l  2 Temperature Sensor module(Cable length: 15cm)

    l  All terminals for power, Fan, Temp sensor easy connection.

    Note, this module do not come with the Constant current drivers, You can optional buy our compatible CC drivers under the related items or use the meanwell CC drivers


    l  User Friendly Set up/Control App for PC, iOS as well as android smartphone

    l  1 channel power input terminal, 8 channels PWM output. No necessary soldering. All wires can be connected by terminal screws.

    l  Module with OLED display to show working status elegantly.

    l  Build in with High precision time chip, High performance processing chip and self-restoring fuse to make sure stable working.

    l  All input and output added isolation protection according to the industrial design, suitable for DIY beginner as well as Tech pro.


    l  Working voltage:15-36V

    l  Fan connection: 10 12Watt at max, Multi fans can be connect in parallel

    l  Dimming Frequency: up to 1280Hz

    l  Dimension: 100*49*8.3mm

    l  Temperature sensor cable length: 96cm

    Please down load iphone app from here or scan the picture bellow:

    iOS APP for single Dimmer control: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/w8/id1309412395?mt=8 

    iOS APP for Group Dimmers control: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/w8gc/id1386536073?mt=8


    For initial start the language is sometimes Chinese. You can switch to English by the following steps.


    Now you will see the English interface


    DIMFree Selection Table 10-31-2019
    Android Single Controller APP - W8
    Android Group Controller APP - W8GC
    Windows Setting Up APP
    W8 IPA APP for IOS