S1-D1 AC100-240V 2A Triac Dimmer 1 Channel with DMX512 Function for LED Lamp

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    Product Description:

    • The Triac DMX512 dimmer is designed with 100-240VAC input and 100-240VAC output, safe and reliable full  isolation design to dim and switch single color LED lamps, traditional incandescent and halogen lights.

    • The DMX512 dimmer is designed with standard DMX512 compliant control interface with digital numeric display  to set and show DMX address freely, can be compatible with a variety of DMX512 masters. The AC dimmer is both  triac dimmable and mosfet dimmable and comes with 1 channel output.


    • AC phase-cut mosfet dimmer with DMX512 function, digital display, one channel output.

    • DMX decode mode / Stand-alone dimmer mode / Stand-alone dynamic mode.

    • Standard DMX512 compliant interface, DMX address display, set DMX address freely.

    • RDM bi-directional communication function.

    • Under stand-alone dimmer mode, adjust and save up to 8 brightness.

    • Under stand-alone dynamic mode, have 2 mode.

    • Reverse-phase dimming or forward-phase dimming optional.

    • Minimum brightness set from 1% to 40%.

    • To dim and switch single color dimmable LED lamps, traditional incandescent and halogen lights.

    • Din rail or screw mounted optional.

    Technical parameter:

    • Input voltage: 100-240VAC

    • Output voltage: 100-240VAC

    • Output current: 2A

    • Output power: 200-480W

    • Size(mm): 115x48x67







    S1-D1 Triac Dimmer User Manual