DC5V SMD 5050/3535 LED Chip WS2812B SK6812 Built-in IC DIY LED Chips Emitting RGB RGBW RGBWW WWA


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    • 1.WS2812B:RGB(Black / White PCB)

    • 2.SK6812:RGB(3535)/RGBW/RGBWW/WWA(White PCB)

    • RGBW = RGB + White 

    • RGBWW= RGB + Warm White 

    • WWA = White + Warm White + Amber

    Product Overview:

    • A  .WS2812B is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. Also include a precision Internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant curre-nt control part,

    • Effectively ensuring the pixel point light color height consistent. 

    • B.SK6812 is a set of smart control circuit and a light emitting circuit in one of the controlled LED source. The outer type is the same with a 5050LED chip, each element is a pixel. Pixels contained within the  intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping amplification circuit, power supply circuit, a built-in constant current circuit, high precision RC oscillator, the output is driven by the patented PWM technology, effectively guarantee the pixels in the color of the light high consistency. 

    • Pixel using automatic shaping forwarding technology, makes the number of cascade without signal transmission limit of the pixel, only limited signal transmission speed. 

    • The LED has a low driving voltage, environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness, scattering angle, good consistency, low power, long life and so on.

    • The control circuit is integrated in the LED above, more simple circuit, small volume, easy installation.

    Main Application Field:

    • Full color LED string light, LED full color module, LED super hard and soft lights, LED guardrail tube, LED appearance / scene lighting

    • LED point light, LED pixel screen, LED shaped screen, a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment etc..


    • Top SMD internal integrated high quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC;

    • Control circuit and the RGB chip in SMD 5050 components, to form a complete control of pixel, color mixing uniformity and consistency;

    • Built-in data shaping circuit, a pixel signal is received after wave shaping and output waveform distortion will not guarantee a line;

    • The built-in power on reset and reset circuit, the power does not work;

    • Gray level adjusting circuit (256 level gray scale adjustable);

    • Red drive special treatment, color balance;

    • Line data transmission;

    • Plastic forward strengthening technology, the transmission distance between two points over 10M;

    • Data transmission frequency up to 800Kbps, when the refresh rate of 30 frames per second, a cascade of not less than 1024;

    • Built-in powerpolarity protection module, powerpolarity will not damage

    Notice: WS2812 and SK6812 Use the Same Controller and Power Supply!!!