DC12-24V LED Lamp Dimmer / LED Strip Light Dimmer / Brightness Adjustable

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Overview :

This product is the accessory product for the LED lighting controlling, used to control a variety of LED lighting as the light source brightness, such as: LED soft light strip, LED rigid light strip, ,Dim Led lamp,LED modules and so on. With manual adjustment knob to adjust the lighting brightness, wiring convenient, simple and intuitive.


  • Voltage:DC12V-24V            

  • Current:8A *1CH

  • Power Dissipation:<0.5W             

  • Size: 95*60*5.5 mm

  • Work Temperature:-20~+60degree

  • Power output: 12V-96 W,24V-192W


  • The input voltage of this controller should be follow the specifications, other high voltage would most probably destroy it

  • The 4wires coming out of the controller can’t be incorrectly interconnected or short circuit could occur

  • Connect the wires of the controller and LED fittings as per the instruction

  • Don’t peel off the label on the controller in case any indication information will be missed

  • The standard warranty is one yeas Our company won’t be responsible for any damage of the Controller due to any wrong operation.

Package included:

1 x Led Dimmer Controller