IR 40keys RGBW Remote Controller ,Speed and Brightness Adjust

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    This RGBW controller is divided into RGB and W two parts, it can be turned on/OFF RGB part and W part independently, and can control their brightness and their color independently, such as, when turn on RGB part, it can change RGB part's color and brightness; and can turn on W part at the same time, and can turn on/OFF W part or adjust its brightness. When at 3/7 color Fade model, can adjust their changing speed; when at 3/7 color Jump mode, can adjust their brightness and adjust changing speed.

    Technical Parameters

    • Working voltage:DC12-24V

    • Output: 4 CMOS open-drain output 

    • Connection method: common anode

    • Dimension:L50*W35*H22

    • Power: 12V<96W, 24V<192W(8A)

    • Max. load current: 2A*4CH

    • Function: brightness and speed adjustable, designated color selected, control and lock. 

    Package included:

    • 1 * IR 40keys RGBW controller