DC12V/24V 5 Channel 20A Common Anode Programmable LED Time Controller TC420

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                                    The controller is for 12V LED strips only and can not used for high power LEDs.

This LED controller features in its timing function. You can turn your outdoor LED lamps on without going out of house, which can be painful especially during the freezing winter night. It will also help you to control the monthly energy cost since it enables you to set up the operation hours of each lamp in your house.

The controller is pretty easy to configure since you can set up modes, set up controller time to match actual time and create schedule from your personal computer using the compatible software provided through the CD included in the controller package. You can add, edit and delete programs from your computer. After the program is well set, you can download the program from the PC to controller through the USB cord provided.

Out put                                             Work with 

V+ and CH1                                  Single color LED products

V+ and CH1+CH2                           Dual color LED products

V+ and CH1+CH2+ CH3                   RGB LED products

V+ and CH1+CH2+ CH3+ CH4           RGBW LED products

There is an upper computer in the programmable time controller to make the load output change over time, the customer may customize schedule mode they want through the upper PC. Then through the USB port to download required schedule to the controller. The upper PC in addition to the function of editing schedule mode, it also can be setup time for the controller because of synchronous clock function of upper host. If user want to see the schedule mode effect after editing, they can use fast sowing function of upper. Because there is no delete function of the upper host, so the mode name display space will come into blank as long as you execute delete. This controller can control load of led changing effect no more than five channels. And it can be used in the occasion of the plant lights, light box advertising, the stage, home decoration, etc.


  • -Timer controller: to achieve unattended operation, turn on/off lighting fixtures automatically according to your set-up 
  • -High- compatibility: support 1 to 5 channel output for RGBW/RGB/dual color/single color LED lights
  • -Multi-function: color select, brightness control, and speed adjustable for LED lighting products
  • -Easy to use: set up different modes from your computer and download programs to controller
  • -Wide application: widely used at LED plant light, grow light, light box advertising, household and commercial lighting


  • Operating temperature: -20 to 60 degreen
  • Supply voltage: DC12-24V
  • Output: 5 channels
  • Output: Five CMOS drain-open output
  • Control variant: common anode
  • Max load current: 4A each color
  • External dimension: 120MM*69MM*24MM

Package include(for one unit):

  • 1 pc of  led time controller
  • 1 pc of USB data line
  • 1 pc of disk

TC420 Software and Instructions181215