Power Supply Special for Y03 Series Aquarium Light with/no Switch


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  • The power supply is special for Y03 aluminum base plate.

  • Y03 aluminum base plate has 30 light beads, consisting of 2 groups of 15 series. It must be used as specified in the figure below when you use the power supply. If there is red light in the two groups, the lamp bead must be in the same mode. For example, if group 1 has 2 red light, gruop 2 must has 2 red light, otherwise light beads will glint. Otherwise, the beads will glint. In addition, the red light beads in each group should be within 2-3, otherwise the beads must be glint.


  • Frequency: 50-60Hz

  • 15 series 3 parallel

  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240

  • Output Voltage: 53(LED), 12V(fan)

  • Output Current: fan:150mA ; LED:1300mA 

  • Line Lengh: plug power line: 1.5m ; output butted line: 1.8m ; total length: 3.3m

  • Size: length 130mm*width 58mm*height 31mm

  • with fan 12V voltage independent output.

  • Type A: no switch (plug power line); Type B: with switch (plug power line)